telecom system

A telecom system can make your life difficult.  Why?  Implementing a VOIP telecom system without making sure your LAN is capable of handling voice traffic is not to be recommended.

You need to know that the switches and routers and comprising your local area network are layer 3 as a minimum.  You’ll have-to-have the QOS feature turned on as well.  TelephoneSystemsDirect will also suggest that before implementing a voice-over-IP solution with a telecom system that you have an audit performed to identify all your active hardware and indicate where any potential data bottlenecks might occur.

telecom_systemWe’ll be recommending the OfficeServ7000 series of VoIP enabled telephony servers.  With a choice of telecom system to be taken from the OfficeServ7030, OfficeServ7100, OfficeServ7200 or OfficeServ7400 you can be assured that there is a model with the capacity for your current size and expansion plans.


Specific platforms have been awarded “GOOD VALUE†by the independent “What to Buy for Business” consumer magazine (7030 and 7400). We’ve made them all fantastic value with our 25% discounts.

You can be confident of a successful telecom system implementation when its performed by this Samsung Platinum partner.  0800 652 8052 puts you in touch with our team.

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