telecom technician

phonesystemmaintenance   Fortunately our telecommunications technicians didn’t break the camera when their photo was taken.  They are worth their weight in gold to us and to you, our customers.

The skills of telecommunications technicians cannot be underestimated.  Not only do they need to understand telecoms in general, nowadays they have to know how VoIP technology works, what Windows Server is all about, and that’s before Samsung let them go on training courses to learn about the actual product (OffcieServ7000) they’re going to install or maintain.

The team of telecommunications technicians at Telephone Systems Direct has cost the business thousands of pounds in investment.  That’s why we charge you whenever we send them out to you unless you’re already in contract and have a fault to cure.

The fleet of silver estate cars whisks the telecommunications technicians round the UK visiting dentists, soft drinks suppliers, solicitors, engineering shops, health food producers, sports surface providers, football clubs and many local authority installations such as schools and colleges.

0800 652 8052 will get you in touch with our operations department where the telecommunications technicians are scheduled.  Give us a ring if you’ve a problem on a DCS, iDCS or OfficeServ.  Our telecommunications technicians will sort it for you.

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