telecom test equipment

telecom_test_equipmentAn analogue test BUTT or ISDN test phone is probably the most important telecom test equipment in an engineer’s toolbox. The telecom test equipment can either represent the circuit or conversely the telecom system connected.

So when you ring up to tell us that you have no lines our technician will visit your premises and will disconnect your PABX or key-system, connect the telecom test equipment and establish if each line is present.  He can alternatively plug the telecom test equipment into one of the ports on the PBX to simulate an incoming call or recognise someone dialling out.  telecom_test_equipment.pdf

Once they have established whether the problem lies with the network operator or on your site then the real investigation can begin and responsibility assigned.

At Telephone Systems Direct we always ensure that the engineer is carrying telecom test equipment when these typical problems arise.

telecom_test_equipment_aSo you can expect a Samsung Platinum service when we are called out to you as we have held this accreditation since 2002.

Should you want to know more about telecom test equipment please contact us on 0800 652 8052.

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