telecom wire

telecom_wireWhat the telecom wire is delivering today is vastly different to what the inventor, Alexander Graham Bell, ever envisioned.

A telecom wire is ubiquitously made of copper but some will be of fibre optic plastic or glass.  Optical fibres can carry the capacity equivalent to hundreds of strands of normal telecom wire.

In your office these telecom wire will be seen either as CW-1308 wiring or CAT5 / CAT6 structured cabling.  These are 4-pair twisted cable – sometimes screened for improved performance.  telecom_wire.pdf

At home your telecom wire will usually comply to the CW1308 standard.  Nominally 3 pairs provided but in the main only 1 is used.

telecom_wire_platinumWhichever style of telecom wire you need, you should call the team at Telephone Systems Direct so they can give appropriate advice on which will suit you requirement.

We are a holder of the SME Reseller of the Year trophy assuring you that our UK wide client base do value the services we deliver to them daily!

That’s 0800 652 8052 for telecom wire.

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