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telecom_wiringHow many miles of telecom wiring are there in the World?  Well Wiki think that there is 1,525,000,000 in the US alone – that’s quite a bit – so you can conservatively multiply that by 100,000 !   telecom wiring.pdf

At Telephone Systems Direct our technicians have been installing telecom wiring since 1992 when we started up.  Perhaps they’ve run in a few thousand kilometres of telecom wiring in one format or another.  One thing’s for sure – all that copper weighs a helluva lot is worth a fortune and that’s why it gets stolen.

telecom_wiring_CAT5In the UK the telecom wiring standard that GPO telephones install in homes was CW1308– that’s 2 or 3 pair twisted wires in a PVC sheath to you and me!

However the telecom wiring that you find in modern offices is CAT5 or CAT6 UTP – this is structured cabling that provided eight conductors between a communications room or old fashioned distribution frame and the socket outlets next to your desks.  This is a system that doesn’t care what’s attached to it – so that you can put computer data, telephony or video signals through it with the appropriate adapters plugged into each end.  Saves on loads of different engineers being called in every time a new solution is installed by your company.

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