telecommunication network equipment

telecommunication_network_equipmentThe public international telecommunication networks are vast and include telecommunication network equipment such as under-sea cables, microwave links, satellite communication as well as the local (copper wire) loop. 

Throughout the network there is telecommunication network equipment switching and routing voice and data calls – Routers, Bridges, Multiplexers, Modems, PBXs, IP-PABXs, laser transmission through optical fibre and the like.

British Telecom and other national PTOs manage all there telecommunication network equipment remotely keeping efficiency to a maximum and without them we’d not have the instant communications we really do take for granted today.

Businesses run their own telecommunication network(s).  The basic telecommunication network equipment on a single site is a PABX running either traditional TDM together with a stand-alone Data network, or more normally, now-a-days both run over an IP network.  For national companies inter-linking their sites was usually achieved using private digital circuits such as KiloStream and MegaStream, but nowadays there is a migration to internet via broadband or SIP trunks. 

telecommunication_network_equipment_aWhen choosing new telecommunication network equipment the Samsung OfficeServ7000 series needs to be on anyone’s shortlist. The OfficeServ7200 and OfficeServ7400 even have LAN & WAN modules available giving you a total network solution in one box!  telecommunication_network_equipment.pdf

The value-for-money OfficeServ systems give is second to none.  At Telephone Systems Direct we discount by 25% off the RRP and can fully project-manage the telecommunication network equipment installation. 

Dial 0800 652 8052 for excellence in telecommunication network equipment, products and services.

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