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OfficeServ telecommunication voip is GOOD VALUE according the “What to Buy for Business†magazine.  That’s what they said about the OfficeServ7030 and OfficeServ7400 telecommunication voip platforms. telecommunication_voip.pdf

But what does “telecommunication voip†mean?  It refers to the transmission of voice over data networks, both locally, and through the internet, rather than through a private or national telephone network.  Over these modern LANs, WANs and the WWW there are packets of 1’s and 0’s representing text, video, as well as the spoken word.  Unfortunately when a conversation is delayed like it used to be in the early days of radio, it isn’t very usable.  So in telecommunication voip there was a new facility introduced called QOS (Quality of Service) that was implemented in Layer 3 switches that recognised v-packets and prioritised them over d-packets.

In the real telecommunication voip world you need to be aware that uninterrupted VoIP conversations are not guaranteed.  SIP trunks are aiming to resolve this, but it might be a few years before they received full acceptance.

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