telecommunications billing

telecommunications_billingIs telecommunications billing an emotive subject for you?  It certainly is where most of our clients are concerned.  Because of this we ask them for copies of their telecommunications billing annually to ensure they are not paying over-the-odds for the next twelve months by analysing their call charges and line rentals.

If you have BT telecommunications billing we suggest you send us a copy of your latest bill so we can do an analysis for you – yes we understand that OneBill is extremely difficult to decipher, but we can do it for you.  We’ll more than likely discover that you pay in excess of 2 pence per minute for national and local calls with a 2p setup fee (or minimum charge) and over 7ppm for mobiles.

We know that we can offer you telecommunications billing at probably 50% of those figures with no set-up fees and still have charging-by-the-second.  Include reduced line-rental billing and you’ll clearly see that there are significant savings to be won.

Want clear telecommunications billing?  We can do that as well.

0800 652 8052 puts you in touch with our telecommunications billing specialists so that arrangements can be made to review your telecommunications billing and then we’ll put money back into your pocket.  telecommunications_billing.pdf

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