telecommunications infrastructure

telecommunications_infrastructureThere are many ways to get you telecommunications infrastructure correct.  It really depends on the size of your organisation as to what form the telecommunications infrastructure takes.

In a small firm of say five staff or less, then a few CAT5e cables linking a good quality PC acting as the company’s server may suffice.

For medium to enterprise class companies their telecommunications infrastructure is going to be more complex. It used to be that divisions were linked by private wires running KILOstream or MEGAstream digital services between first- generation PABXs that took up a huge amount of space.

Today with the transformation of communication technologies the telecommunications infrastructure is more likely to utilise voice-over-IP to link sites throughout the World.  The protocols in use by phone systems such as the award-winning OfficeServ7000 series are keeping the telecommunication passing through the internet safe from prying ears by using proprietary encryption and decryption at each end.  telecommunications_infrastructure.pdf

The PTTs employ satellite, microwave and fibre optic cable highways to deliver the billions of calls and data packets that keep us in touch with friends, relatives or customers.

Today’s decision on telecommunications infrastructure for your business can be simple or might require a bit of help from TelephoneSystemsDirect advisors. 
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