telecommunications market share

telecommunications_market_shareGetting the maximum telecommunications market share is what every manufacturer is seeking.

With a large telecommunications market share then profits will be healthy.  How is it achieved?  Through having a well-designed product that is reliable and well marketed.

However, it doesn’t just depend on the factors mentioned in paragraph two.  No, you need resellers to deliver the phone system successfully to end-users to achieve continuing telecommunications market share.

Samsung have attained an excellent telecommunications market share with the OfficeServ7000 series through a network of dealership throughout the World.  In the UK these are led by Platinum Partners, like Telephone Systems Direct, who also have the SME Reseller of the Year award within its Curriculum Vitae!  telecommunications_market_share.pdf

To determine telecommunications market share you require an organisation, such as the Telecoms Industry Association (TIA) to which manufacturers supply their sales figures confidentially.  They then tell their members what the telecommunications market share is – normally on a quarterly basis.

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