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telecommunications_regulationThe writer of this article spent many years dealing with telecommunications regulation with  Ferranti-GTE which became Securicor Telecoms Ltd and latterly Samsung-Telecoms-UK before joining Telephone Systems Direct in 2007. During that time he liaised with OFTEL, BABT, KTL and BSI to progress the company’s product approvals.

1988 saw the first telecommunications regulation from the EU: that was the Telecommunication Terminal Directive.  This telecommunications regulation opened up competition and laid the responsibility for providing safe telephony on the manufacturers rather than it being imposed through test house testing and certification.

No longer does telecommunications regulation require a Green Circle label to be stuck on any telephone or phone system, nor Red Triangle for non-conforming telecommunications regulation products.

In 1995 the RTTE was published which came into force in 2000 extending telecommunications regulation safety in the areas of EMC emissions and susceptibility.

You’ll find a comprehensive explanation on telecommunications regulation by searching for “Telefication†on the web. Unfortunately we don’t have the space to reproduce it here.  telecommunications_regulation.pdf

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