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The telecommunications solutions provided by TelephoneSystemsDirect keep our customers very happy.

telecommunications_solutionsThese telecommunications solutions range from wiring a simple additional telephone extension, through the implementation of a complete green field structured cabling system, to the linking of dispersed OfficeServ7000 series voice servers through VoIP technology.  telecommunications_solutions.pdf

Our telecommunications solutions don’t stop there.  We pride ourselves on monitoring your telecommunications bills and matching that specific calling profile with a set of tariffs that will minimise the annual expenditure.  We’ll organise your ISDN or SIP lines for you ensuring the monthly rentals are in keeping with the services being supplied.  This means that in the event of any problem, you only have to ring one number to resolve it.  No more dialling the maintenance engineer, then BT, back to the technician and then BT’s service centre.  Just leave the telecommunications solutions to us, the Professionals.

These telecommunications solutions are the reason why we’re Samsung Platinum accredited and why our clients voted for us to become SME Reseller of the Year.

0800 652 8052 connects you to the team so you can learn more about our telecommunications solutions and start to worry less yourself.

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