Telecommunications Wiring Cabling

telecommunications_wiring_cablingFor telecommunications wiring cabling phone 0800 652 8052 – we don’t mince our words when we talk about telecommunications wiring cabling – we’ll tell you quite frankly whether to use CW1308 or CAT5e.

Unfortunately we don’t do domestic telecommunications wiring cabling – only business.

Today’s telecommunications wiring and cabling in offices is much more flexible that it used to be.  Then it was point-to-point for specific telephones.  Each end was terminated with a special IDC tool and to move it you needed to call in an engineer – not a cost you need if you wanted to shift just one point.  Now you have structured cabling which allows you to relocate staff easily by re-patching.

Telecommunications wiring varied from a single twisted pair through thick armoured underground cables to high-speed fibre-optic.  Read more in the attached PDF:  telecommunications wiring cabling.pdf

Ring us for a quote on telecommunications wiring / cabling on 0800 652 8052.  You’ll find that our customers appreciate how we do things and that’s why we’ve been an SME Reseller of the Year trophy holder!

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