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telecoms_analystA telecoms analyst is going to benefit you, especially if the telecoms analyst is a member of the Telephone Systems Direct team.

We’ve been voted SME Reseller of the Year in the industry’s Channel Awards showing that our customers appreciate our telecoms analyst advice.  We’re also Samsung Platinum Business Partners assuring you that our procedures, sales presentations, maintenance services and competence in all DCS, iDCS and OfficeServ products is up to the manufacturer’s demanding specifications – ensuring you get the most out of their brand.  telecoms_analyst.pdf

telecoms_analyst_aWhile we’re good at phone systems implementation, that’s probably not where our telecoms analyst service is most appreciated.  No, it on the topic of the analysis of clients’ telephone bills.  A telecoms analyst will review your monthly/quarterly bill to identify your actual call profile, then determine what the best line rental and calling tariff package will minimise your annual telecoms spend.  We ensure you aren’t tied in a contract in excess of twelve months – as next year there will inevitably be something better.

Talk to a telecoms analyst at TelephoneSystemsDirect today on 0800 652 8052.

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