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telephone_and_data_wiringToday you’ll find that telephone and data wiring are one and the same thing with CAT5, CAT5e and CAT6 structured cabling installations.     telephone_and_data_wiring.pdf

Previously telephone and data wiring were kept separate with telephone wiring conforming to the ubiquitous CW1308 standards while data wiring came in a variety of formats such as Token Ring, IBM standard, etc. with 25 way D-type connectors and thickly screened coaxial cable running through the building to specific locations so moving a person with their telephone and computer was a total nightmare!

With today’s telephone and data wiring relocating staff is a matter of unplugging their kit, shifting it to a new desk and swapping over a few patch leads in the comms room.

telephone_and_data_wiring_uAt Telephone Systems Direct we have had our fair share of telephone and data wiring installs throughout the UK.  We’ll give you frank advice on whether to stick with CW-1308 or utilise CAT-5 splitters where you’ve run out of spare outlets.

0800 652 8052 connects you to our grey-haired advisors who speak sense – not rip you off like some do!

Our telephone and data wiring prices are some of the cheapest around and include the supply of patching cables where others add them on as extras.  Call us for telephone and data wiring.

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