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Most businesses will benefit from speaking to telecoms consultants.  In a great many cases their IT Manager doubles as the Telecoms Supervisor but still might be reliant on telecoms consultants to learn about current developments.

Smaller organisations and start-up companies need impartial telecoms consultants to ensure they get the right type of lines, telephone system and applications.  Should charge straight into VoIP from day one, or ask a provider such as BT to define what they should have installed?

telecoms_consultantsAt Telephone Systems Direct we believe we provide a very good telecoms consultants service to the SME market place.  We’ve helped hundreds of businessmen with the creation of their empire with low-cost telephony solutions minimising annual outgoings – a critical activity in any year 1 accounts!

Our choice of the OfficeServ7000 GOOD VALUE (What to Buy for Business) products giving you top-notch features and facilities, allied to low rental and calling tariffs and the professionalism of our technicians you will be in safe hands with this telecoms consultants.  telecoms_consultants.pdf

0800 652 8052 connects you to our team where we’ll put together a detailed proposal for you including a 25% discount off RRP backed up with a financing package (if that’s what you want) plus complete information on the chosen platform and CTI-apps.

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