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We believe Telephone Systems Direct is the best for telecoms consulting – well we would, wouldn’t we!

As a member of the elite Samsung Platinum Partner club and a holder of the prestigious SME Reseller of the Year trophy we think our supplier and customers hold us in high regard.  telecoms_consulting.pdf

We’ve been in telecoms consulting since our inception in 1992 advising both small start-up companies and large established organisations on all aspects of telecommunications.  In telecoms consulting you have to be frank with your client – we are.  If they are trying to benefit from VoIP technology to link up new sites or home workers, then their old DCS or Compact II isn’t going to be of much use, BUT they don’t need to discard all the terminals (possibly 50% of the original investment) as they’ll work comfortably on an OfficServ7000 platform.  However, if they just wish to add on a voice recording application then we’ll tell them that it can be done cheaply without any requirement to change out the system.  That’s what honest telecoms consulting is all about.telecoms_consulting

0800 652 8052 connects you to telecoms consulting of the highest class.  It cost you nothing to talk to us!

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