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telecoms_providersYour telecoms providers should make your working day easier for you.  By choosing the wrong telecoms providers your life could become hell!  Why’s that?  Unless the telecoms providers perform suitable checks before you buy an ip telephone system your local area network could be compromised, your voice comms – very poor – and your hair – GONE!

Telephone Systems Direct will keep your hair-dresser in business!  This telecoms providers’ technicians will check your LAN information to be sure that your routers and switches are layer 3 and that the QOS (Quality-of-Service) feature is switched on. 

We’ll also suggest that you conduct an audit to identify any potential data traffic bottlenecks that would impair performance.  We will recommend an award-winning OfficeServ7000 series VoIP voice-server and calculate appropriate (broadband) bandwidths for external voip links to other sites, or home-workers. The OfficeServ-7000 family of voip-enabled phone systems are rated Best Buys (What-to-buy-for-Business magazine).  There is one of the widest ranges of handsets, market-leading voicemail, call recording and management applications, and CTI packages, so you can be confident that your telecoms providers will exceed your expectations.  telecoms_providers.pdf

We have helped businesses throughout the UK with our Samsung Platinum reseller accreditation first earned in 1992. 

You can benefit from excellent telecoms providers capabilities and services by phoning us on 0800 652 8052.

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