Really any telephone can be a cti telephone.  It’s the power of the cti application that is more important.

A plain ordinary telephone (POT) can be a cti telephone when paired to your computer.  The PC screen advises you who you will be answering by popping your company database record for the CLI received, or you’ll be clicking to dial out.

cti_telephoneHowever, here we’re talking about in-office cti telephone usage, but more frequently we need to use an office-connected phone when we are away from our base, in a hotel room for instance, or in a wi-fi hotspot.  In this case we can benefit from a cti telephone such as Samsung’s OfficeServ SoftPhone.  It gives you all the features and facilities of being at your desk, but it’s connected through the internet either by a wired or wireless connection depending on the environment you’re in.  cti_telephone.pdf

Need to know more about cti telephone applications?  0800 652 8052 connects you to the advisors at TelephoneSystemsDirect who will help you.

The OS Soft-Phone has an RRP of just £150, but we’ll discount that for you by a massive 25%.  We are a Samsung Platinum accredited dealer and SME Reseller of the Year trophy holder so you can be assured of professionalism in all our dealings and support activities.  Call us today about cti telephone business.

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