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telemarketing_software_atelemarketing software: OfficeServ7000 series voice servers and phone systems boast CTI applications with a difference, but especially the new OfficeServ-7000-Xchange. This telemarketing software connects your telephone to your office computing network, making you more productive.


When clients call your company, their Calling-Line-Identity (CLI) is displayed in a small, discreet, notification window on your screen. The telemarketing software XCHANGE interacts with your company’s CRM database- and looks up the identity of the caller in your records, then displays it. It allows you to be aware of who is ringing even before you contemplate lifting the handset.

This telemarketing software can look into your Microsoft Office contacts, Act! , Goldmine, SuperOffice, ODBC – all concurrently. You can use the buttons on the notification-window to answer the telemarketing software call, or to bring up the caller’s record in your chosen package. This saves you valuable time during the telemarketing software conversation creating efficiencies, while building customer confidence.   telemarketing_software.pdf

Besides popping inbound callers, the telemarketing software enables you to quickly and easily dial from your apps and search for people by names or locations often in an easier way than is offered by a formal telemarketing software programme.

Having that inherent ability to highlight all published numbers on web pages allowing you to “click-and-dial†is really slick!

The makers put the telemarketing software OfficeServXchange in their portfolio in November 2010 after their Beta trials had been performed. But TSD’s technical and sales teams wanted to satisfy themselves as to robustness by implementing it in-house before presenting it to end-users. The telemarketing software Office-ServXchange was judged to be simple to install due to the wizard that teaches it to know which fields to show at the appropriate moment.

So to find out more about this latest “must-have†phone-system telemarketing software from Samsung-Electronics you should contact TelephoneSystemsDirect on 0800 652 8052.


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