telephone adapter

telephone_adapterAn Analog telephone adapter is also known in telephone parlance as a “mod-tap†or dongle. A telephone adapter is a necessity when hanging a DECT, Bedlam Bell, Answering/ Franking machine, ATM or PDQ off a telephone system unless your telephone engineer is very careful with the wiring. A telephone adapter switches the above gadgets to the normal extension cabling of digital switch. 

On all of our installs we use lots of telephone adapter units because we tailor each installation to suit your organisation needs and requirements.  In some instances you’ll want a new telephone where your CAT5 points are already occupied.  Don’t worry – we have telephone adapter splitters – these utilise other pairs in the Category 5 cable for the additional phone.

We have telecoms advisors who are on 0800 652 8052 waiting to take your call. Whatever industry you work in we have the solution if you wish to discuss Call Management Software or the best in Least Cost Routing.  We have the answers, dial us now.    telephone_adapter.pdf

Our maintenance covers the whole of the UK and we are Samsung Platinum accredited and have been dealers trading since 1992.

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