telephone cable plugs

telephone_cable_plugsThere are all sorts of telephone cable plugs – they range from the LJU2/1 through to RJ11 and RJ45.  telephone_cable_plugs.pdf

Rather than try to find out about telephone cable plugs through the Internet you’d utilise your time better by dialling 0800 652 8052 where you can chat about telephone cable plugs with our experienced telephony advisors.

The BS6312 telephone cable plugs are what we’ve all come to understand as UK telephone cable plugs.  There are 6 pins of which 2 and 5 carry voice in analogue phones while 3 and 4 are more normally utilised for digital telephones.  1 and 6 are for power.  In domestic houses you used to get bell tinkle.  This was because the wiring in the telephone cable plugs didn’t have an adequate shunt capacitor fitted.

In today’s offices you’ll see telephone cable plugs that look like PC dongles – these are adapters from structured cabling outlets so that the phone can be plugged in.

0800 652 8052 gets you in touch with some sensible talking on telephone cable plugs.

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