telephone cable

telephone_cableTelephone cable comes in all colours, shapes and sizes – but mainly it’s round, black and in 2 or 3 pairs of CW1308. Telephone cable carries far more information than its designers ever though it would!  They only expected it to be carrying one session of analogue speech, not loads as it can do today utilising time division multiplexing and the latest SIP technology.  telephone_cable.pdf

Telephone cable gets buried underground – this is usually 100 pair in an armoured sheath to prevent it being cut through – but people in Manchester still remember when we were all without BT calls for 3 days when a digger actually did it!

Today the telephone cable in an office is probably CAT5e with an RJ45 connector on either end.  Designs have changed little on telephone cable physically – it’s just the cleverness of the techno boffins that enable us to enjoy the Internet devoid of having to totally rewire the country.

Perhaps you would like some telephone cable installing?  Then ring Les at TelephoneSystemsDirect on
0800 652 8052.  He’ll be delighted to tell you the in’s and out’s on telephone cable have installed a fair amount of it himself for GPO phones before coming indoors to a cosy desk job!

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