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telephone_cablesToday you’ll find that the distinction between telephone cables and data cables is disappearing.  In the office
telephone cables are one and the same thing with CAT5, CAT5e and CAT6 structured cabling installations. You’ll probably have an RJ45 connector on the end of your line cord instead of a BT plug. Outside telephone cables are significantly different – underground telephone cables are armoured and jelly-filled to protect the inner cores.  Catenary telephone cables are what we see every day looping from telephone poles to our houses.

Previously telecom and data-coms cables were separated with telephone cables conforming to the CW1308 standards while computing cables came in a variety of formats such as IBM standard, Token Ring, Thick Ethernet, etc. with 25 way D-type connectors and thick black screened coaxial cable running to specific locations. To move a person with their telephone and computer was a total nightmare requiring the simultaneous visits of engineers from both disciplines! With today’s telephone cables relocating staff is a matter of unplugging their kit, shifting it to a new desk and swapping over a few patch cables in the comms room.

At Telephone-Systems-Direct we’ll give you frank advice on whether to stick with CW-1308 or utilise CAT-5
splitters where you’ve run out of spare outlets.

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telephone supplies.

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