telephone communications

Since UK de-regulation telephone communications have been transformed.  In 1981 telephone communications were limited to what BT would provide you with.  Line types were mainly analogue trunks with private wires linking the sites of national companies together – typically DC5 and AC15.  By the end of that decade digital telephone communications had taken off with 2Mb links using DASS and DPNSS signalling and businesses were starting to enjoy the Integrated Services Digital Network.  Now there are many PTTs offering competing products and local loop connections.

Today telephone communications have seen ISDN2e and ISDN30e  (which in the formative years of European Standards were referred to by engineers as – I Still Don’t kNow), GSM, CDMA, SIP, Wi-Fi, WiMax, DECT and more delivery technologies utilising fibre optic and microwave data highways carrying hundreds of thousands of calls per second round the world.

telephone_communicationsFortunately your telephone communications are in safe hands if you contact Telephone Systems Direct as we have a portfolio of OfficeServ7000 voice servers and comprehensive services  providing telephone communications solutions no matter what size your organisation: from wiring up a single phone point, to implementing a nation-wide network of VoIP connected TDM, pure IP or hybrid telephone communications systems; ordering your lines, reviewing call profiles and matching appropriate tariffs and line rentals to significantly reduce annual spend.  telephone_communications.pdf

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