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telephone_compare_pricestelephone compare prices:  So how much do you think you’d have to pay for a VoIP-enabled telephone system with 16 extensions, all with handsets, some with LCDs giving caller information, and all with a full-blown voicemail?   telephone_compare_prices.pdf

telephone compare prices: Less than £1700 – that’s what!  From TelephoneSystemsDirect you’ll have a BEST BUY (ref: What to Buy for Business magazine) installed for that price.

telephone compare prices: Our online shop has thousands of telecoms items, many with up to 25% discount from the manufacturer’s recommended prices.

telephone compare prices: Perhaps you’re searching for support for an aging DCS, iDCS or KXT telephone installation.  Our maintenance services (offered throughout the UK) are more cost-effective than most other dealers and with our Platinum status, you can be sure we’re holding spares already and can turn up on the first visit with the right one so the fix can be done, then and there – no delays while parts are ordered!

telephone compare prices: Need a quotation so you can compare telephone prices.  Call our advisors on 0800 652 8052 and we’ll put a quote together for any sized company (from 2 to 700 ports) and email it to you by return.

telephone compare prices: Don’t keep looking – speak to us today!

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