telephone connection

telephone_connectionA telephone connection used to be by an operator with a jack plug but now your telephone connection will be made electronically and probably by a number of microprocessors.

The technologies behind the telephone connection vary enormously.  There’s the plain old analogue telephone connection using a pair of copper wires.  This was upgraded to ISDN where you could make two simultaneous telephone connections over that same type of wire.

Then along came ISDN30 providing a minimum of 8 telephone connection channels and a maximum of 30.

Recently voice-over-IP telephone connection revolutionised voice traffic by taking it off the public switch telephone network (PSTN) and delivering the telephone connection via the World Wide Web (The Internet).

Now we’re seeing the introduction of SIP trunks that is bringing VoIP and multi-media services to you through variable bandwidth circuits.  These are primarily aimed at business, but we can expect the domestic market to benefit from this new style telephone connection and TV delivery method all too soon.

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