telephone data systems

The OfficeServ7200 and OfficeServ7400 are telephone data systems.  Besides the normal telephony for trunks and extensions, voicemail and VoIP, they are capable of providing Local Area Network functionality with LIM, SIM & WIM modules.  telephone_data_systems.pdf

The 7400 is has a higher spec in telephone data systems technology offering Gigabit speeds, Firewall and Layer 3 Switches.  There are also WAN interfaces.  The 16 port LAN can be supplied with Power over Ethernet optionally.

The 7200 telephone data systems does not offer the security or speed of its larger sister.

So for telephone data systems 0800 652 8052 is the number to ring and TelephoneSystemsDirect the company to ask for.  We’re Platinum status – that puts us among the elite group of OfficeServ7000 dealerships.

But why approach Telephone Systems Direct and not the others that might be closer to us in the UK?  You can obtain exactly the same specification end product and training, installed in the same timescale and with engineers as competent as any other.  It’s the 25% discounting policy that we are able to give you.  We can do this purely due to our volume of trade with Samsung earning us preferential pricing which with our lower margins, can be passed on to you.  So it’s you that really benefits.

Pick up the phone to find out that we’re not joking when it comes to implementing telephone data systems.

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