telephone facsimile system

The Compact II was a cheap phone system that gave superb features and facilities.  It was a best seller in the cheap phone system market.  But that was back in the 1990’s.

Today if you want a cheap phone system then you should be considering the OfficeServ7030.  This is the entry level model of the powerful OfficeServ7000 series of voip enabled telephony servers.  cheap_phone_system.pdf

This cheap phone system starts with a basic 2 extension box at £200 (RRP) less our generous 25% discount.  The discounting extends to the rest of the items to configure the 7030 to your specification:  2 ISDN trunks at £155, 4 digital extensions at £95.  So you can build your cheap phone system up quite simply.

Add Voice mail at £150 – this is a fully featured package that does everything a system costing thousands would do.  You might need two ports later on, but you could begin with one.  VoIP is only £55 per port enabling you to have an IP phone at home for when you wish to work quietly, or to cover the office over staff holiday periods.

TelephoneSystemsDirect for your cheap phone system on 0800 652 8052.  Ring us today.

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