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telephone_headsetTo choose the correct telephone headset combination requires a bit of skill and judgement.  telephone_headset.pdf

Fortunately, you’re reading the article that might help you identify which telephone headset will make you happy.

Here at Telephone Systems Direct we have access to loads of telephones, and similarly headsets.  They are from all the well-known manufacturers such as Plantronics, Panasonic, Sennheiser, Samsung, BT, Jabra, Siemens, JPL and quite a few more…….telephone_headset_cheap

Choosing between analogue, digital or VoIP then there’s cordless…. DECT, Bluetooth….. do you want Monaural or Binaural…. under the chin or over the head …..noise-cancelling…..there are too many factors to take into account.

There is one thing we know and that is our clients keep coming back to us for advice on telephone headset combinations time and again and usually purchase additionally once they’ve tried our recommendations.  We think that’s proof enough for ringing us free on 0800 652 8052 to ask us for an opinion on your telephone headset choices.

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