telephone house telephone

telephone_house_telephoneWhat’s in a search phrase – “telephone house telephone�

Or does it mean telephone to a house telephone?  At Telephone Systems Direct we don’t mind because in our warehouse we can solve all telephone house telephone problems with analogue, digital or cordless solutions.

We have products from many manufacturers in the telephone house telephone classification from novelty phones such as telephone_house_telephone_bt_converse_2300Mickey Mouse, Snoopy, Pooh Bear, The Tardis, Stiletto Heels to Antique (looking) models like the Bakelite GPO phone of the 1950’s, the Trimphone of the swinging 60’s, the Candlestick, or more ornate corded rotary dial “Chic†telephone house telephone pictured above.  telephone_house_telephone.pdf


You’ll find the prices for telephone house telephone purchases lower than in a High Street shop and the variety greater than in Internet Hyper-stores.

Ordering your telephone house telephone is simple – call for free to 0800 652 8052 where we’ll take your order and arrange a speedy delivery to your door.  All we ask when you ring is that you have your credit card to hand.

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