telephone intercom systems

telephone_intercom_systemsToday telephone intercom systems are sophisticated.  You can even intercom to home-based workers!

The OfficeServ7000 telephone intercom systems from TelephoneSystemsDirect are simple to set up in the answering mode for particular phones such as OHVA – on-hook voice answer – very useful for dentists who have their hands full of a patient’s teeth! 

Each DS5000 or SMT-i handset has telephone intercom systems functionality with built in speaker and hands-free microphone.

telephone_intercom_systems_aEven the BEST BUY entry-level OfficeServ7030 and enterprise class OfficeServ7400 (ref: What to Buy for Business magazine) are intercom systems – as are the other family members: OfficeServ7100 and OfficeServ7200 – aimed at medium sized businesses.  telephone_intercom_systems.pdf

As we said earlier – just imagine that you were sitting in your study at home and your secretary in the office could use telephone intercom systems to remind you when you have to leave for your next meeting.  She can, over your internet connected VoIP extension.

Call the team at Telephone Systems Direct to chat about our capabilities as well as telephone intercom systems on 0800 652 8052.

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