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telephone_networkToday’s telephone network is quite different to the telephone network that you’d have seen back when the telecoms industry was deregulated in 1981.

Then the telephone network was predominantly analogue with some digital circuits.  Office telephone network equipment were large racks of electronics commonly called PABX (private automatic branch exchange).  Today the size of the processor and line interfaces has shrunk by probably 90% due to the advances in technology.  

Now the telephone network is more than likely merged with the data network with the voice traffic being prioritised through layer 3 switches using the QOS (quality of speech) feature.  The transition from TDM terminals connected to a “spider†telephone network to IP phones on a CAT5 telephone network is well on its way.

telephone_network_1At TelephoneSystemsDirect we can implement whichever style of telephone network you want.  We’ll discuss the merits of each type of telephone network with you so you can come to an informed decision on cost and functionality.  As a Samsung Platinum dealer we are obliged to spell out all the advantages, disadvantages and risks associated with any telephone network installation.  We also are able to give you GOOD VALUE systems (“What to Buy for Business” magazine) at a 25% discount from RRP.  0800 652 8052 connects you. 

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