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telephone_officeAny telephone office solution is only as good as the sum of its components.  Get one of the telephone office elements wrong such as choosing an inappropriate line type, then you’ll not be pleased with the overall outcome.

At Telephone Systems Direct we aim to make your telephone office project a success by utilising our comprehensive set of telecom business services and award winning Samsung OfficeServ7000 series VoIP enabled voice servers.  telephone_office.pdf

Each telephone office demonstration we hold with you starts with a discussion of trunk technology and what each will do for your company.  We’ll talk about analogue, ISDN and SIP telephone office lines and with your input decide which is appropriate.  Then we’ll chat about your telephone office staff and how they deal with callers and finally we’ll describe to you which of the family of telephone office platforms will serve you effectively now and in the future.

We’ll price up your configuration for you prior to discounting it by 25% then including the installation works.  We think once you’ve seen us in action and know the telephone office features and facilities of the OfficeServ portfolio, you’ll choose wisely.

So for telephone office systems, consultations, billing reviews or maintenance support the only number to ring is 0800 652 8052.

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