telephone paging

telephone_pagingYour telephone paging can be very simple and utilise the telephone handsets’ loudspeakers. 
All Samsung EURO, DS5000 & SMTi5000 style phones have access to the telephone paging function.

You can specify zones so that other departments are not inconvenienced when you know the general location of the intended person you wish to page.

The OfficeServ7030 telephone paging is somewhat more than just a telephone paging device.  It’s a voice server and communications platform that is second to none (other than the rest of the family) in providing the facilities, features and applications that modern businesses expect today.

This 7030 entry-level telephone paging system even has the capability of being connected to SIP trunks, when it is commercially sensible to change over from ISDN, so you can perform telephone paging to all your internet- linked home workers.  telephone_paging.pdf

Speak to an advisor at Telephone Systems Direct about your telephone paging requirement.  It may be that you need mobile radio telephone paging that connects to the OfficeServ.  That’s no problem – we have a good selection of those technologies of telephone paging models in our portfolio. 

0800 652 8052 is the number to ring.

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