telephone residential

telephone_residential_-_DECTFor telephone residential lines – don’t phone us!  Call BT.telephone_residential_bathroom

Installing telephone residential wiring – again we can’t help you – unless you own a country mansion, or want your large house wired up with CAT5.

HOWEVER, when buying telephone residential phones or handsets then we have them at prices you won’t beat on the High telephone_residential_antiqueStreet.  From telephone residential DECT packages to Novelty telephones, we have many choices in our warehouse.telephone_residential_novelty

For instance we’ve got Alien, , Bart Simpson, Bearifone, Cuckoo Clock, Donald Duck, Dr Dog, Fortune-Mouse, Eeyore, Garfield, Golf Bag, Jet Ski, Lightning McQueen, Magic Eight Ball, Mickey Mouse (in various poses such as Back-Pack) and  Kermit.  telephone_residential.pdf

Manufacturers: Steepletone and MyBelle offer you a Retro GPO Rotary dial, Police Phone Box, a Hello Kitty, Stiletto Heels and “The Lipsâ€.

There are even more telephone residential models such as a Candlestick or Bakelite available.  Just ring us with your request and leave the rest to us.  We deliver.

0800 652 8052 for telephone residential sales.

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