telephone splitter

A telephone splitter is a very useful development for structured cabling installations that weren’t financed correctly to start with.  The telephone splitter only needs to utilise two wires in most cases.  CAT5e has four pairs with only one pair being used at any particular time. Where all the CAT5 outlets in an area are already occupied the telephone splitter is able to access a further circuit while retaining use of the primary.

telephone_splitterAt TelephoneSystemsDirect each technician is always armed with a couple of telephone splitter devices so that when the client suddenly springs the request that he’d like another phone point where there is no unutilised RJ45 outlet, he can wave his magic wand and hey presto – it’s solved! 

Where CW1308 wiring (common telephone cable) is utilised and a solitary analogue telephone has to be shared, then a plain telephone splitter can be plugged into the telephone socket allowing a second telephone to plug in.  Obviously it is only possible to have a single conversation.

Sometimes it will be impossible for a telephone splitter to resolve your problem.  In this case you’ll require expert guidance from our team of advisors.  Call us on 0800 652 8052.

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