Telephone System Installation

telephone_system_installationONLY £40 a point

A telephone system installation should not be like the picture to the left! This will leave you in tears.

Providing telephone system installation services is what TelephoneSystemsDirect has been doing since 1992. We’ve provided telephone system installation for thousands of clients across the UK, from Aberdeen to Aylesford and Norwich to Plymouth.

We take telephone system installation seriously.  Firstly we arrange a pre-installation meeting at which our project manager sits down with you to list all extension users and the type of handset they’ll be using, then each of your lines (and numbers) to determine where calls are delivered, and then what happens if there’s no reply. We do this so that the telephone system installation engineer doesn’t keep pestering you on the date of the telephone system installation, but more importantly to get you thinking about how everybody operates and the features and facilities they need. We also deal with any software applications and on whose PCs they’ll be installed on.

telephone-system-installation_platinumOn the day of the telephone system installation we’ll arrive early and ensure your down-time is kept to a minimum. Where you’re swapping from another system the each person will have two telephones for a while before we swap over.

0800 652 8052 puts you in touch with telephone system installation professionals that will re-install your old or new Samsung system.

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