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OfficeServ7030 telephone system small business users think is GOOD VALUE (“What to Buy for Business” magazine).  telephone_system_small_business.pdf  telephone_system_small_business

The telephone system small business owners like due to it’s price is the OfficeServ 7030.  The basic system has a £200 RRP tag with a 25% discount from TelephoneSystemsDirect.  OK so you need to add extension ports – 4 for £95 – trunks at £75, but even adding on a few terminals and excellent installation and training and the bill is still less that £1,000 in most cases.  We find that telephone system small business buyers see what the OfficeServ7000 series can do for the efficiency of your workers and one or two applications get bolted on immediately or very soon after.

These telephone system small business apps are: OfficeServ-Operator, OfficeServ-ACD, OfficeServ-IVR, OfficeServ-Contact Centre, OfficeServ-Communicator, OfficeServ-Call-Reporting……the typical solutions for recording calls, being able to dial from your database or MS Office Contacts.

We’ve loads of telephones so you are spoilt for choice.

Why purchase your 7030 telephone system small business from Telephone Systems Direct?  Probably the cost, possibly because we are a Samsung Platinum Partner or it might be that we’ve held the SME Reseller of the Year trophy, thanks to our customer’s votes.  Ring us on 0800 652 8052 and you’ll discover out how easy we are to deal with and what friendly staff we have.

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