Telephone Systems Maintenance

A telephone system maintenance contract is a wise move to protect the investment you’ve made in your communications.  It is an insurance policy that just like house insurances we take out and hope we never have to use it.  In the event that we have to rely on it we’re happy it’s in place.

At TelephoneSystemsDirect our telephone system maintenance services are second to none.  Our Samsung Platinum partner status assures you that our maintenance stocks are up to scratch so that when you do report a problem, we’ll be able to turn up on the first visit with the right part so it’s fixed then and there.  None of this “I’ll have to order one and come back tomorrowâ€â€¦..OK it will happen some day, but in 99.9% of our experience that is what we do achieve.

Telephone system maintenance is tailored to meet your needs so that if there is some of the installation you do not wish to have maintained, then we’ll discuss that with you and reduce your premium appropriately if we agree that it is sensible to leave it out of the coverage.

tsdSo if you are seeking the best telephone system maintenance for a DCS, iDCS or OfficeServ then a telephone call to 0800 652 8052 will put you in touch with the experts.

Add on parts for all systems can be bought with 25% DISCOUNTS

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