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telephone_voicemailFor telephone voicemail browse no further.  This is the only website you need to visit to get the best in telephone voicemail.  Welcome to TelephoneSystemsDirect.

The correct setup of telephone voicemail on any telephone system creates many benefits for most organisations.  The auto attendant feature of  telephone voicemail on DCS, iDCS or OfficeServ for will provide your business with the peace of mind that calls are being immediately answered and that customers can have confidence in your Company.  If you currently don’t have telephone voicemail on your network, this can be rectified by upgrading your Samsung PABX by purchasing any of the following voicemail modules: they include SVM400, SVMi-2e, SVMi-4e, SVMi-8e and the SVMi-20e.  If you already have an OfficeServ7000 series then you can implement telephone voicemail on it in hindsight by buying software licences.

The telephone voicemail on these keysystems provides end users with integrated voice processing features including quick memos and reminders, e-message notification, individual mailbox passwords, e-mail gateway, announcement-only mailboxes, and much more….

Read the attached PDF for detailed info…..
telephone voicemail.pdf

telephone_voicemail_1To chat about telephone voicemail in more detail, please contact us on 0800 652 8052 where you can speak to any of our experienced telecoms advisors.

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