telephone wireless headset

telephone_wireless_headsetAt Telephone Systems Direct we believe the best telephone wireless headset for business could be the Plantronics CS60.   telephone_wireless_headset.pdf

Why do we know this is the most appropriate telephone wireless headset for your company?  It has a superb range so that the user can be up to 100 metres away from the base station. However, some materials used in your premises’ construction may reduce the effective distance to 50m.  The optional handset lifter this lets the telephone wireless headset owner be notified of the next incoming call by a beep; they can then click on the headset button to answer.  When the conversation is completed they operate the headset-button a second time to lower the receiver automatically.  Once your workers have been provided with one, try taking it off them!

The telephone wireless headset for mobiles and PCs we think is currently the Voyager 510 USB headset from the same manufacturer.  It is a “plug and play device so there is no need to install complex blue tooth drivers.

Ring us today on 0800 652 8052 so we can discuss the latest telephone wireless headset with you.  It’ll be competitively priced here!

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