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telephone_wiringHow many miles of telephone wiring are there in the World?  Well in the US alone Wiki think that there is 1,525,000,000 – that’s quite a lot – so you can at least multiply that by 100,000 – conservatively!  telephone_wiring.pdf

telephone_wiring_cat_5In the UK CW1308 was the telephone wiring standard that GPO telephones installed in homes – that’s 2 or 3 pair twisted cable to you and me!

However the telephone wiring that you find in offices today is Category or CAT5(e) – this is structured cabling that provided eight conductors between a central communications room (or distribution frame) and the socket outlets next to desks.  This is a system that is independent of what’s attached to it – so that you can put computer data, telephony or video signals through it with the appropriate adapters plugged into the faceplates.  Saves on loads for different engineers every time a new solution is adopted by your company.

At Telephone Systems Direct our technicians have been installing telephone wiring since 1992 when we started up.  Perhaps they’ve run in a few thousand kilometres of telephone wiring in one form or another.  One thing’s for sure – all that copper is worth a fortune and that’s why it gets stolen.

For a telephone wiring quote – ring us at TelephoneSystemsDirect on 0800 652 8052.

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