telephone wreckers

telephone_system_wreckersThere are various sorts of telephone wreckers out there……

There are telephone wreckers who hack into your telephone system and make fraudulent calls racking up your phone costs….and you are liable for paying that because your carrier won’t protect you!  OK there a few who give you fraud alerts, but by then it’s too late.

Other telephone wreckers cart away your obsolete telephone and keysystems or PBXs and scrap them for you.  Under the R&TTE Directive manufacturers now have an obligation to remove your old kit when installing a new one.  Your telephone dealer should be well aware of this requirement and help you in the disposal process.

Some telephone wreckers don’t actually wreck the telephones.  They recycle them in other markets that are not as technically advanced as the UK’s.

But perhaps you don’t need to be searching for telephone wreckers if you have a Samsung DCS or iDCS because Telephone Systems Direct has the spares and telephone handsets to keep yours going.  Our maintenance contracts are worthwhile and obviate capital expenditure when it’s just not necessary.

Call TelephoneSystemsDirect instead of telephone wreckers on 0800 652 8052.

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