telephones on line

For advice on telephones on line dial 0800 652 8052.  TelephoneSystemsDirect as the name suggests specialises in telephones direct to you.  By browsing through our telephones on-line warehouse you’ll discover many models for home and business use. 

Our telephones on line services include consultation, system specification, cabling, installation, commissioning, programming, administrator and user training, maintenance support and additions

As we’ve been around since 1992 we know a thing or two about telephones on line and pricing and that’s why you will find it difficult to search out better prices for Samsung OfficeServ telephones on line elsewhere. telephones_on_line.pdf

Our 25% discount policy provides benefits to you so that instead of settling for a DS5007S display phone you’ll be able to give your staff more efficiency with a DS5014S.  The additional outlay will be paid back within a few months and when you see how they respect your decision in providing the best functionality in the telecoms market they’ll work even harder (we wish!).

Call us for telephones on line, now.

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