telephony system

The telephony system that will meet all your requirements will be the OfficeServ7400.  telephony_system.pdf

telephony_systemThis 500+ port telephony system supports voicemail, pure-IP implementations, built in firewall, Wi-Fi, MOBEX, Automated Attendant, SIP, ISDN, LAN interface, remote analysis and programming, skills-based ACD, and more features besides that would file many screens on your PC.  With terminals that match the needs of every member of staff, from non-display wall-mountable phones to large-screen colour LCD models, you’ll not be disappointed.

At TelephoneSystemsDirect we can also offer the rest of the OfficeServ family to you at 25% from the manufacturer’s recommended pricing.

Why buy telephony system from us? We’re Samsung Platinum accredited.  We’ve held the SME Reseller of the Year award.  We’re family-owned.  Cash rich and own our fleet of vehicles so will be around when others aren’t.  In business since 1992.  Our employees have been with us for years.  We have Ex-BT experience.

Need to know more?  0800 652 8052 gets you in touch with our advisor team on telephony system solutions.

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