The Samsung DCS System

The Officeserv 7100 system, manufactured by Samsung is a top of the range PABX providing everything that an Organisation would need. The Officeserv 7100 is a member of the Officeserv 7000 series family. The Officeserv 7100 IP platform supports traditional communication services as well as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), IP based data communications and wireless solutions through WLAN.Officeserv_7100_systems

Officeserv_7100_systems_25Officeserv 7100 syatems are suitable for companies who require up to 32 extensions and supports analogue and digital connections. So even if your company is a lot smaller it is an ideal PBX should you want to expand in the future. The Officeserv 7100 can also be upgraded and expanded easily as your business grows. Officeserv 7100 functions The Officeserv 7100 offers voice mail functionality and phonecalls can be routed at different times of the day to individual users.

Auto Attendant is a standard feature allowing for multiple calls to be answered simultaneously. In simple terms an external call can be sent through to its required extension without needing a Receptionist. Other applications can be configured with the Officeserv 7100 including CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) and call management.  OfficeServ_7100_systems.pdf

The Officeserv 7100 supports mobile and home teleworking allowing the Office to connect with external workers through a broadband connection. The Officeserv 7100 can be used with a range of desk top handsets which provide advanced feature keyset, IP Phones and DECT handsets. The Officeserv 7100 offers a wi-fi solution: This enables staff to work away from their desk while still being connected to the network.

Officeserv_7100_systems_platOfficeserv 7100 support and parts: We are proud to have been awarded Platinum Partner status by the Korean Manufacturer, Samsung. This means that we must keep stock of all Officeserv 7100 accessories as well as the other Officeserv commskits. We also provide installation and maintenance support to end user. All of our Officeserv 7100 equipment are reduced at 25% off recommended retail price making the Officeserv cheap and affordable.

Our Officeserv 7100 systems service contracts are a ‘must’ as far as we’re concerned. They provide you with the knowledge and security that should anything go wrong with your Officeserv 7100 then our fully qualifed Engineers can be on site to rectify any faults you may have. For more information on prices or install costs, please call 0800 652 8052.

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