The Samsung Softphone – What is it?

samsung softphoneThe Samsung softphone is a software application designed by Samsung to work with the Samsung OfficeServ range of telephone systems by sitting on a PC or PDA. The Samsung Softphone is classed as a software-type IP phone and is identical to an individual Samsung key-phone, due to it having all the same features and functionalities.

As mentioned, the Samsung softphone does have some disadvantages, so you must make sure that your computer is running up to scratch, otherwise the Samsung softphone will not work to the best of its ability.

What can the Samsung Softphone do? The Samsung Softphone priced at £112.50 (excluding VAT) has been discounted at 25% off the recommended retail price. In case you are wondering, we do discount all Samsung equipment by the same percentage! The Samsung Softphone has all the same functions as a Samsung digital key-phone – The Samsung Softphone provides conferencing, call pickup, holding and forwarding, speed dialling, do not disturb, integral paging and automatic redialling. The advantage of the Samsung Softphone is that it allows you to work quickly and efficiently on the computer, whilst still being on a call.  The_Samsung_Softphone_-_What_is_it.pdf

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