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phone_systems_010When you speak to someone new every time you dial your phone systems maintainer, then perhaps they are so big they have outsourced their Call Centre to India or the Philippines, or their organisation is so poor to work for that they have a very high employee turnover.

Continuity means a great deal in these days.  Your regular phone systems engineer knows the faults you’ve experienced previously and can put his finger on the snag quickly and can keep it in context – and probably identify it is a problem with the way the programme has been set up – he will then recommend a more appropriate solution.

Having a satisfied team is not always straight-forward as each individual has their own priorities and aspirations.  Bosses who give them fair pay, reasonable working conditions and most importantly – recognition for jobs well done – will be benefiting from loyalty and a willingness to perform their tasks to the full.

This is all good news for customers.

Irrespective of the form of product you are spending thousands of pounds on – check how contented your potential suppliers’ employees are – you’ll benefit if they are happy.

So when you’re doing your research into computer or phone systems – delve into the company’s website to see how the workforce is treated and when you call them up, listen for a smile in the person’s voice.  It will reveal a person who is content and with a commitment in communications.

More about us…. hopefully you will be aware that this phone systems dealer was founded in 1992 and that the technical staff are long served – our most junior member has been with us for over 5 years while the Operations Manager has racked up twenty!  The Managing Director rewards all of us with a Christmas do that sometimes involves flying to Amsterdam, Prague, or Dublin for a week-end’s site seeing and evening entertainment to say a sincere thank you!

Watch out for Article 9 which will focus on – Do they have the Experience?

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