toshiba 3214sdl

toshiba_3214sdlThe Toshiba KXT 3214SDL is the large display feature-phone of the DKT3200 family of feature telephones supporting the STRATA CIX telephone systems.

You will, by now, have discovered that the Toshiba 3214SDL has been superseded by later models and is no longer current.  HOWEVER with TelephoneSystemsDirect help on 0800 652 8052 you’ll find that you can purchase additional Toshiba phones more cheaply than anywhere else in the UK – certainly cheaper that at a Toshiba main dealership.

Main features of the Toshiba 3214SDL were (still are):  toshiba_3214sdl.pdf
Red/green Busy Lamp Field (BLF) tells you who is busy; 10 ring tones for simple identification of the type of call; DDI caller identities can be assigned specific ringtones; One-touch group pick-up with easy recall of calls placed on hold; Simple access to Voicemail and other important functions and as well as to shared mailboxes through multiple message-waiting indicators.

toshiba_3214sdlWith 14 individually programmable keys (in addition to the Standard Toshiba 3214SDL buttons:
Volume control, Last number redial, Redial, Hold, Conference/transfer, Message waiting LED, Microphone/speaker……) you get: Bi-coloured status LEDs, adjustable button beeps and Toshiba 3214SDL  Room noise sensitivity adjustment to make the Toshiba 3214SDL one of the best terminals for executives.

So that’s 0800 652 8052 for your Toshiba 3214SDL.

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